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Argentine visa

Updated date: 11/02/2020

Regular non-Vietnamese passport

Instructions for holders of Vietnamese passports can be found on the Vietnamese version of this website. Language can be changed on the top right corner of this webpage.

If you hold a regular non-Vietnamese passport, check here if you need visa to enter Argentina.

If you need Argentine visa, follow the instructions below:

1 | Find out the type and category of visa that you need and the application venue [embassy or consulate where you shall apply for it].

To do so, have a look at this chart which outlines types and categories of visa and relevant information on each one, including application venue.

If according to the chart you must apply for the visa at the Argentine Embassy in Vietnam, go to 2 |.

If according to the chart you must apply for the visa at another Argentine embassy or consulate, please contact that embassy or consulate.

2 | Email your visa application to consulareviet@mrecic.gov.ar. Write your full name (i.e Richard Smith) as subject and state the type and category of the required visa as well as the estimated arrival and departure dates. You should also state your departure date from Vietnam if visiting other countries before Argentina. In addition, enclose with the e-mail scanned copies of the documentation marked with an X in the “E-mail” column of the chart.

Please, enclose all documentation to a single e-mail. Only application e-mails containing all the documents marked with an X in the “E-mail” column of the chart will be assessed. If your e-mail lacked any document, the embassy will require you to email a new application when you have gathered all the documents.

The application must be received at least 60 days before the estimated date for your flight to Argentina [or your flight out of Vietnam if visiting other countries before].

The visa application form [FSV] can be downloaded here. This form must be filled in either in Spanish or English.

Note – Invitation letter: If you have to submit and invitation letter for your visa, given that this letter is addressed at the embassy, the embassy will contact you to let you know that the letter has been received as soon as this happens. You must email the visa application after receiving this information. If you do it before, the embassy will reply that the application will be put on hold until the reception of the letter.

Note – Visa 24B-1 Crew: Transitory 24B-1 Crew visa requires a previous request that the maritime company must submit at the Port Control area at the Immigration Department [DNM] in Argentina. If you need this visa, email the application after being informed by the maritime company that it has completed the request in Argentina.

Note – Visa 24H Transitory student and 23J Temporary student: For reasons detailed in the chart [need for prior registration of the student by the Argentine educational institution at DNM], if you need this visa, email the application after being informed by the educational institution that it has completed the registration in Argentina.

Note – Other visas: For visas other than 24B-1 Crew, 24H Transitory student and 23J Temporary student, if an inviting party already started the visa application before DNM in Argentina, send an enquiry to consulareviet@mrecic.gov.ar outlining this situation and stating your full name, passport number and estimated dates of arrival and departure. The embassy will answer your enquiry within 24 hours informing how to apply for your visa.

3 | The same day, or the following working day if your e-mail was received on a holiday or on a working day after 12pm, you will receive an embassy e-mail to confirm or rectify the selected visa type and inform you date and time for consular interview, or to request you scanned copy of additional documentation, if needed. Exception: in case of visa application by a group of more than three people, the embassy e-mail will be received within three working days counting from the reception of your e-mail.

The embassy will try to set a date within the two following working days, always from 10 to 11am. If you foresee that you will not be available on certain days or must travel long-distance to attend the interview, you shall state in the application e-mail the date or a range of days when you would rather attend the interview.

4 | Be present at the embassy the set date, 30 minutes prior to the start of the interview. Bring the originals of all required documentation and submit it at the embassy’s reception upon arrival.

Upon examination of the documents submitted, the embassy staff will instruct you to pay the visa fee, by cash, in USD currency, through bank deposit. Fees are shown on the chart above.

After the payment, you must return to the embassy to submit the deposit receipt, and you will be called for consular interview.

While in some cases the embassy will inform you whether the visa was approved or rejected right after the interview, in other cases it will inform you the date in which this decision will be reported.

5 | In case of temporary or permanent visa, you will be required to pay a settlement fee of USD 100 by cash, in USD currency, through bank deposit.

In addition, you will be required to pay online by credit card an immigration tax (USD 600). You can find here instructions for immigration tax payment. Exception: members of religions that are officially recognized by Argentina, minors under 18 years old that travel with their parents and applicants for whom a visa application has been started in Argentina are not required to pay the immigration tax fee.

Upon payment, you must submit at the embassy [or email to consulareviet@mrecic.gov.ar a copy of] the bank receipt and the immigration tax receipt. You must also submit your passport at the embassy.

Note that, in all cases, you do not need to come back to the embassy but you can ask a third party to pay the fees, submit the receipts and passport and collect the passport on your behalf. In that case, you must previously inform her|his full name and ID number to consulareviet@mrecic.gov.ar. When at the embassy, this person will be asked to show her|his ID and sign a sworn declaration that she|he received your passport.


Official or diplomatic non-Vietnamese passport

If you hold an official or diplomatic non-Vietnamese passport, check here if you need visa to enter Argentina.

If you need visa, you must apply for it at the Argentine Embassy in Vietnam at least 10 days before your flight through an e-mail to consulareviet@mrecic.gov.ar.

You are asked to explain the purpose of your trip in this e-mail and enclose scanned copies of the two first pages of your passport.

Within 48 hours counting from the reception of your e-mail, you will receive an embassy e-mail outlining the steps to be followed to obtain the visa.


Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE)


It is reported that the National Directorate of Migration of Argentina has made operational since Friday, February 1, the Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) provided for in Ministerial Resolution 416/2018, for Vietnam.

It is noted that, in order to apply for the AVE for Tourism, those interested must be beneficiaries of a valid visa category B2, issued by the United States of America.

In this regard, it is highlighted that the validity of the referred visas must have a validity that includes both the term of resolution of the AVE by the DNM as well as the period of three subsequent months in which it would authorize the entry of the foreigner to the national territory.

The AVE will have a validity of THREE (3) consecutive months from its emission and the stay in the authorized country will be THREE (3) consecutive months, from the first entry, allowing multiple entries and exits.

The cost of the AVE is USD 50 and the processing time is 20 business days.

The information for the appellant is available at http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/ave/index.htm and, in case of problems, interested parties may send their queries to the email address: ave@ migraciones.gov.ar.


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