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Argentine support for the Saigon Tango Festival in Ho Chi Minh City

The “Saigon Tango Festival” was held in Ho Chi Minh City from 1 to 4.12.16. The event was arranged by the private institution Ta.Tango, which has brought together tango enthusiasts from the south of Vietnam for over nine years.

For four days, dozens of tango lovers participated in the milongas which recreated the spirit of Buenos Aires. They also took tango lessons taught in several workshops.

The Chargé d’Affaires of the Argentine Embassy, Belén García Alcat, attended and provided institutional support to this significant event. She also brought bottles of Argentine wine to be served to the guests.

Two Argentine tango couples danced on the stage at the Festival: the 2013 World Tango Championship winners Maximiliano Cristiani and Karina Colmeiro, as well as 2008 Tango Salon winners Daniel Nanucchio and Cristina Sosa.


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