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April 2015. The Argentine Embassy together with Wines of Argentina celebrated the Malbec World Day 2015 under the motto “On the top of Hanoi”. The event took place at “Sky Bar”, situated on the terrace of floor 67 at Lotte, the highest building in Hanoi. Over 200 guests attended this celebration.

The commemoration of the day of the traditional argentine wine stock aimed at making the national wine even more well-known among potential Vietnamese consumers. At the event, they were able to taste different brands, presented by local distributors and importers.

This event also portrayed to the Vietnamese community a deeper look into the Argentine culture, where wine is an essential part. The glasses of Malbec wine were accompanied with live tango, electronic tango dj and videos, as well as Argentine beef provided by the Institute of Meat and Vaccines Promotion (IPCV).

Video recorded during the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFVp8oJGja8


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