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Programa Sur

Updated date: 04/04/2017

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Worship created in 2009 “Programa Sur”, which aims to disseminate Argentine thoughts, ideas and values around the world through the grant of subsidies so that books by Argentine authors are translated from Spanish into others languages.

To date, over 800 books involving more than 300 Argentine authors were translated into 38 languages, covering a diversity of genres ranging from young literature, contemporary poetry, stories to academic articles and historical texts, among others.

Ten books were already translated into Vietnamese, which are listed as follows:

. "The Flying Frog" by Gustavo Roldán.

. "Chicken Field" by Ema Wolf.

.  "Manuelita, where do you go?" by María Elena Walsh.

. "Burnt Money" by Ricardo Piglia.

. "The reason for my life" by Eva Perón.

. "Embanderados. The emancipation of South America and an insight into the colors and designs of the flags” by Mariano Saravia.

. "I play the piano" by Osvaldo Berlingieri.

. "Tango is a pure story" by Guillermo Fernández, Luis Longhi y Federico Mizrahi.

. "The hidden city" by Alejandro Castellani.

. "Tango in Spain".

Such translations were made by the Gia Dinh Publishers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi’s The Gioi Publishers, who reported a total of 9,000 printed copies.

The deadline for submitting the application's forms is 30 of September of 2017.

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